Being Disciplined

Being Disciplined

21 day Kick Start Programme to a Winner’s Image

Being Disciplined to exercise on a regular basis


This is not a diet or weight loss programme.
Working to transform your body of that perfect image you have in your mind by working with your mind.

This programme is designed to help you finally live in the body you want to live in. It is your body and you control it. Let’s start working with our mind to be the best we can be and achieve –
“Looking great and feeling great – getting you healthy from the inside out”

Stop agonizing about how you are going to lose the weight, start thinking about building a new model. How do we do that? Firstly by creating the image of you at your perfect weight in your mind.

If you are currently working with a dietician/ nutritionist / exercise programme then this programme will certainly work in harmony with that so please do not stop any of the programmes you are on.
If you are not currently on a particular nutrition/lifestyle programme I can recommend a great one that enables your body to be in a Ketosis state for burning unwanted fat not muscle. The programme is called Healthpointe 2.0 – Click on this link ( which is a proven weight loss concept in a simple and easy to use programme that will also work in harmony with my programme. For more information please contact me on the above email.

Just remember – You may not know how you will do it, you just have to know two things- where you are going and that you will get there.

In this programme we will tackle the Problem – Being disciplined to exercise on a regular basis.

Why do we need to exercise?

We know that regular exercise improves our quality of life. Exercise helps to strengthen our metabolism which we need if we want to maintain a healthy weight, it improves blood circulation around our body and so many more advantages. It helps us feel good especially when we have finished a workout because our body releases endorphins which improves our minds. It changes our mood, positive thoughts and emotions. The overall physical and mental feeling improves every week.

Your diet/exercise programme has been working well up to this point and you have released some weight but you are now losing interest and it seems to be a huge mountain that you have to climb over and you are not sure if you can do it, or not sure if you want to continue to try. Due to commitments beyond your control you have missed an gym/exercise session and before you know it you have missed quite a few and then you start listening to those voices that maybe saying “Oh well there is no point continuing now as you have missed too many” or “I am far too busy with work now to find the time” or “I cannot get up one hour early and exercise – I am far too tired” and the excuses just grow and grow. Let’s face it, we have all been there, some of us more than once over the years and we have not been happy with ourselves because of it. We have given up before we have reached our goal.

Maybe you are feeling fed up. You work out and then your body still looks the same. You work out and then eat the wrong foods during the day so that exercise is just a wasted effort. You look at your body and because it is not the body that you are expecting at this point in your programme or diet you are feeling annoyed.
Discipline is about giving yourself a command and sticking to it. Persistence is the key form the habits that achieve success.
I know that it is hard in the beginning but with continuous habit forming steps exercise can be a normal part of your everyday life.

Don’t give up now – I would like to help you move passed this point so that you can achieve that weight loss goal.
You don’t have to know how you will do it, you just have to know two things- where you are going and that you will get there.

In this programme I would like to concentrate on the following to provide some real answers to change the way you are thinking when you are releasing weight.

  1.  I will give you the answer to help you move through the barriers that are stopping you from continuing your exercise regime.
  2.    Look at the reasons why you decided to start that diet
  3.    How the mind and body works – the tools to successfully lose the      weight and never go on another diet again for the rest of your life
  4.    Provide some daily mental growth exercises

I am looking forward to working with your over the next 21 days as we will be looking at four main areas that your mind is currently controlling:

Self – Image – How do you see yourself?

Cybernetic Mechanism – Our Body’s Internal Engine

Paradigms – Do your habits serve you?

Persistence and Repetition – Keep moving forward

This program includes:  –  daily exercises

  • weekly coaching calls via skype or mobile to keep you on track to reach your goal
  • unlimited mentoring/coaching throughout the length of the course via skype or mobile
Self-Image – How do you see yourself?

You have your goal that you would like to reach. For now I want to concentrate on is the process of changing the way you think first and then the weight release will happen. I would like to help you build a clear image of you looking and feeling fantastic.
You must develop a new way of speaking to yourself and others. Otherwise you will sabotage yourself with negative self-image dialogue e.g. stop using the word “dieting” and “losing weight”. You do not want to diet, what you want is to be at a healthy weight so we need to focus on that.

What is your self-image?

We go through life unaware of the image we have of ourselves and it is this self-image that influences every part of our life. If we have a negative image of ourselves then our results in life will be negative.

We have two images, one that we project to the world, the way we walk, talk dress etc., the other one is the picture we hold inside.
In the centre of our consciousness there is an image of perfection but unfortunately this image is bogged down by our paradigms, doubts about oneself and insecurities so that our perfection rarely shines through.

A confident individual has an understanding of who they are, they understand their personality, spirituality, they understand the power of their mind, they understand themselves and they like themselves and have a good opinion and have a good self-image. A person who is critical of themselves has a very poor self-image.
The image you see in the mirror is just a physical reflection, it is the outer expression of the inner image and as we alter the inner image the outside begins to change.
Suppose for a moment that the image we have when we look into the mirror is that of a person who is overweight.

Where did this image come from?

This image has been passed down both genetically and environmentally in our sub-conscious mind when we were born. This image developed through listening to your relatives, other people, the news, radio and this image was also planted at conception which is why we look like our relatives, why we have the same habits, ideas, why we like the same food.

It is this image that we have of ourselves that we need to change so that you will never ever need to go on a diet again for the wrong reason the rest of your life.

You hate what you see in the reflection in the mirror and you have made the decision to go on that diet.

What happens when you go on a diet?

You starve yourself, you cut out all of the foods that you love, and you cut out all of the foods you think that makes you fat such as chocolate etc. because you think that all of those foods is the cause of your weight gain.

WRONG it is the image that you hold of yourself that is making you fat.

You can try dieting over and over again and attempt to change the outside appearance but nothing will happen until you change what is going on inside.
These exercises are designed to make you really think about the self- image you have of you.


Remembering we have two images we project –

  1. Sit down in a quiet place and write down a description you have of yourself as if you were looking into a mirror
  2. Next write down a description of the image you project to the outside world.
  3. Is there any difference between the image you project to the outside world and how you really feel about yourself?
  4. How do you feel about yourself – be honest?
  5. Do you have a positive or negative self- image of yourself?
  6. What is that inner voice saying to you about you?
  7. Write down a description of the qualities you admire in a person that has a very positive self- image of themselves.
  8. What are their self-image qualities you would like to have?
  9. I would like you to embrace those qualities and see them in you.Act as if you are that person and embrace this new positive self-image.  Think of it as your movie and you are the star.  Embrace this new positive self-image into your sub-conscious mind because your sub-conscious mind will accept anything you place in there. Become that person you want to be.
  • Start to imagine how wonderful you feel and imagine what your new image will be like in 3 weeks, 3 months or 1 year from now. See yourself in the clothes you want to wear, see yourself already at that perfect weight. Picture yourself having more energy and people complimenting you.

Write this description on a card – the weight you want to be, the size clothes you will wear and how you will look and feel. Create affirmations using the words like releasing weight, enjoying healthy foods, perfect weight and lots of energy.

Read your card and affirmations several times a day. See yourself as already at that perfect weight and looking fantastic. Become emotionally involved with this new image of yourself.

Do this for the next 21 days of the programme because we are planting this new image in our sub-conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind accepts anything we plant in there.

Cybernetic Mechanism – Our Body’s Internal Engine

What is a Cybernetic Mechanism?

This mechanism is like a thermostat. We all have the same thermostat but works differently for each of us. Think of it like this way, the thermostat in your air conditioning unit is set to a specific temperature. If you open a window the hot air comes in and the temperature rises. Immediately the thermostat kicks in and starts the air conditioning and brings the temperature back down to the set temperature.
When a person who is overweight goes on a diet without altering their self-image (thermostat) – any weight loss will be temporary. The self- image being a cybernetic instrument measures the deviation from the set goal and immediately corrects the course. The weight that was lost is automatically found.

How many times has this happened to you?

This is the reason why Dieting does not and will not work.

Paradigms – Do your habits serve you?
What are Habits/Paradigms?

Paradigms are a multitude of habits that have been formed since birth. Our whole life is habitual. When we first wake up in the morning, we do things without thinking about them. We follow the same pattern. We do not think about dressing or cleaning our teeth do we, because we just do them by habit?
This is where the self-image we have of ourselves is born, in the early stages of life through people, radio, television and family. You can understand why these paradigms are such an important part of our life and our results in our life to this moment.

Paradigms and Cybernetic mechanism are both control systems and operate essentially on the same principle. Both maintain a definite course of action and will not deviate from the course that has been established. In order to achieve the results we want and in this case it is weight release, then we have to change that paradigm that is locked up in our sub-conscious mind.

In the exercise on Self-Image one of the exercises was to write your own movie script. Why did I want you to do that? Because as human beings we think in pictures and we need a picture to work with. The movie was a collection of pictures.

I am going to give you a description as a picture of our mind so that you can understand why the mind is so important and governs everything that goes on in our life whether that is weight release, finances, relationships etc.


If we draw a large circle, draw a line across the middle and divide this circle into two, the top part of the circle will represent our Conscious Mind and bottom part of the circle represents our Sub-Conscious mind. Now the Conscious mind is our thinking mind, our educated mind and it is the location for our intellect. The conscious mind has the ability to choose, accept or reject anything that flows into it. Over the years we gather information from our school and higher learning, life experiences and through our sensory factors, hear, see, taste, touch and smell. Even though we have all of this information and we know how to succeed it does not mean that we are going to do it.

Our Sub-Conscious mind is the emotional mind. This is the part that controls our behaviour and causes us to do what we do, in other words it causes us to behave in a certain way. Whatever we plant in our sub-conscious mind grows. The sub-conscious mind must accept everything that is planted in it, it has no ability to choose. It cannot differentiate between what is real or imagined so any image we build, the sub-conscious mind will accept.

When we are talking about our paradigms or habits these are fixed into our sub-conscious mind and here lies the answer to why we do and behave the way we do. This is the part of the mind that we need to focus on and change in order to achieve what we want in our life. Our sub-conscious mind operates by Law. It is the thoughts we think that produces the feelings we get and the actions we take to get the results we want. If we are holding a bad self-image in our sub-conscious mind, then that is the exact result you will get.

So our sub-conscious mind is controlling our behaviour and our self-image and if we want to change our self-image this is what we need to do:

  1. Fantasize – you now have written down a description of your vision of your new self-image, your movie. Compare that to where you are now in your life.

Ask yourself – What do I need to change in my life to make this happen?

Do I need to alter my appearance, or act differently?

You have to become that person in your movie.  Act as if you already have your new winning image.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to reach your new self-image?

Are you able to do this?  Even if you hit a plateau or stumbling block, are you willing and able to continue pushing away all obstacles?

  1. Repetition

The only way to change a paradigm is by repetition.  Reading the same thing, writing the same thing so that the bad paradigm we are trying to get rid of becomes weaker and the new stronger one takes over and finally wins. Think of it like this, you are looking at a landscape you have never seen before.  Your mind does not recognise this landscape because it is new.  In order to show the mind that the landscape is not new you have to look at it a few times so that your mind will recognise that this landscape is not new.  It is the same with the new self-image.  Your mind does not recognise it at this stage but with repetition, planting the picture of the new image over and over again in your mind, it will then recognise this image as the only one and accept it.

You have planted this new winning image in your sub-conscious mind and because it cannot reject, the new paradigm takes over and finally wins.

This new winning self-image rejoices in winning this particular mind game.


Read over your movie script every day.  Start to become emotionally involved with that new image of yourself.  Act as if you have achieved and it is real right now.

When I ask you to answer question one in your exercises, you will have a list of all of the things that you do not like about yourself. This exercise is to get rid of all of the negative things and replace them with positive.  We want to install only the positive into your mind.

I would like you to tackle them one at a time and starting with this phrase:

I am so happy and grateful now that…………………………………………



As we are trying to get rid of the negative and replace it with a positive affirmation, we need to read or write it out every day because it is this repetition that plants the new one into the sub-conscious mind remembering that what we plant in there, it will accept and will be real.

This is the one I personally used for the paradigm I was having an issue with and that I wanted to get rid of:

I am so happy and grateful now that….

I am releasing the weight to reach …kgs which is my new normal weight.

Affirmations:  If you are a person that loves affirmations then you might find these very useful to write down

“I believe in myself”

“I am Thinner and Thinner with each minute of the day”

“I am in control and have the power to change my life”

“I am in control of what I eat”

“I respect my body”

“I will achieve my goals and nothing will stop me”

“I am living in a happy and healthy body”

“I am releasing the weight”

“I am already at my perfect weight”

“I am looking and behaving in a healthy way”

I personally use this one:  I am so happy and grateful now that….

I am releasing the weight to reach …kgs which is my new normal weight.

Have fun and make up your own keeping in mind that paradigm you wish to change and read it every day for the next 21 days of the programme.

Persistence & Repetition

We are programmed from the moment we are born to act, think and behave a certain way. We do things we don’t want to do and get results we don’t to get – but we still do them anyway. Why is this so?

Education systems are based on learning. We read, we remember and then we repeat, but there is an enormous difference between what most people KNOW and what they DO. So to close the gap between the knowing and doing we have to understand what we are about (to understand oneself) and change the Paradigms that is controlling the results.

We have already spoken about the paradigms you wish to change earlier and now you have made your list, replaced all of your negative with positive ones, we now have to plant it in our sub-conscious mind to become a normal habit in our everyday life.

By writing and following the exercises everyday enables the mind to react differently because you are being so honest about yourself. Writing causes thinking which creates an image which stirs emotions which causes an action which sets up a re-action resulting in new and improved results.

You know that by not following your exercise regime that you will not achieve the results you desire.

Persistence as a state of mind and therefore can be cultivated. To develop persistence you need to have a definite purpose along with the desire that is so strong that nothing will stop you from fulfilling that goal.

Knowing what your goal is, to take action to acquire it. Do not listen to anything negative, remain positive and focused and have someone to encourage you to follow through with your goal.

Persistence is essential in order to achieve all that you desire to achieve in life. It is this lack of persistence that is one of the main causes of failure.

Persistence requires the use of one of our intellectual factor which is the Will. Will power and desire when combined are unstoppable in achieving goals.

Your goal (your ideal weight and image in your mind) is something that you want so badly that there is inside of us that desire to achieve it. Desire is that fire in your belly that urges you to take action so that this big goal will be achieved. If that desire is not there, then all of your efforts will be in vain. It just will not happen.

If you have created that picture of your goal in your mind and by reading and writing that new self-image picture will stay firmly planted there. That will also ignite the fire because you are getting excited about it. Can you see by having that picture firmly planted in your sub-conscious mind your body has increased its vibration level to seek out the same level as your goal, your mind and body are now moving closer towards it. Use your persistence habit to keep that fire burning. Persistence has to be developed, it is not something that comes naturally. If you find that you are wavering in persistence, find a friend or a group of friends to keep you on track when you start to wobble. When you develop a good Habit of persistence nothing will stop you from succeeding and achieving.

Here is some simple steps to developing a good habit of persistence:

  1. Make sure your goal(your ideal self-image) is something that you are emotionally connected to, something that you really desire to achieve
  2. Take action immediately towards your goal. As your goal becomes more defined a pathway to achieving it will become more apparent
  3. Do not accept any negative thoughts from the outside world stop you deviating from your path towards your goal.
  4. Have a friend or group of friends around you that will offer support if and when needed to keep you on that journey to success

Persistence is a wonderful mental strength to develop because it is this strength that we will draw on when at first we do not succeed. Persistence is the one thing that will call upon to keep going until our goal is achieved. We must prepare ourselves if the outcome is not what we desire the first time round. Life happens and we sometimes are faced with uncertainty and obstacles.

If we look back in history like Sir Edmund Hillary tried to climb Mt Everest three times, on the last attempt he was successful, he conquered the mountain and reached the top. Thomas Edison repeatedly worked on the incandescent light bulb 10,000 times before he was successful.

When asked why he kept going, he said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Thomas A Edison

So take heed and learn a lesson from this. Do not give up on the first sign of difficulties, keep that desire burning and you will succeed.

Persistence, Concentration of Effort, and Definiteness of Purpose are the major sources of all achievements.

Do your exercises and listen to the videos every day as this will install good life success habits for yourself now and into the future.


Follow your daily exercises

Read your goal card as many times as you can throughout the day


Watch this video at least once per day for the next 21 days.

Your whole body is being re-created every few months.  The body you are living in now is not going to be the body you will be living in in a year from now.  You can re-create healthy cells so that you change the results you have been getting to this point.  Hold that image of perfect weight and health and that is just the way it will be. That is Law.

My mentor Bob Proctor once said   “When we change the way we think we change our lives. What most people don’t understand is how powerful our thinking is and how involved it is in our health crises. ”

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