Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

21-Day Kick Start Programme to a winner’s image

Emotional Eating

This is not a diet or weight loss programme.

Working to transform your body of that perfect image you have in your mind by working with your mind.

This programme is designed to help you finally live in the body you want to live in.  It is your body and you control it. Let’s start working with our mind to be the best we can be and achieve –

“Looking great and feeling great – getting you healthy from the inside out”

If you are currently working with a dietician/ nutritionist / exercise programme then this programme will certainly work in harmony with that so please do not stop any of the programmes you are on.

If you need advice on food and exercise then may I suggest you acquire the services of a qualified person to assist you.

You don’t have to know how you will do it, you just have to know two things- where you are going and that you will get there.

Stop agonizing about how you are going to release the weight, start thinking about building a new model. How do we do that? Firstly by creating the image of you at your perfect weight in your mind.  I would like to help you build a clear image of you looking and feeling fantastic.

In this programme I would like to concentrate on the following to provide some real answers as to why this kind of dieting has not and will not work for you now or anytime in the future.

  1.  Look at the reason why you emotionally eat and provide the solution to your problem.
  2. How the mind and body works – the tools to help you understand so that you will never need to use food to combat your emotional state ever again
  3. Provide some daily mental growth exercises

I am looking forward to working with your over the next 21 days as we will be looking at three main areas that your mind is currently controlling:

  • Our Mind  – Using your mind to achieve the results you desire
  • Cybernetic Mechanism – thermostat in our body
  • Self – Image – setting the Image your hold in your mind into reality
  • Paradigms

Emotionally Eating – Why do we emotionally eat?   The main reason is to supress negative thoughts and negative emotions. Using food as a way of outward expression of:

. stress

. anger

. fear

. sadness

. loneliness

The more you eat the more unhappy you become with your self-image and you keep going round and round in circles.  I am here to help stop this cycle so that you will have the ability to cope with all of these negative emotions for the rest of your life.  I will help you to build a more confident, happy and positive person.  A person who is happy with her self-image and happy with life.

I will show you how to turn these negative emotions into positive emotions.

We do this by understanding how the mind works and the relationship of  what you are thinking to how your body reacts to these thoughts.

Our Mind

The moment we express stress, anger, fear, loneliness, sadness, this emotion registers in our mind and passes through our nervous system to affect our body, our emotional state and our actions.

Because we think in pictures I shall now give you a picture of what your mind looks like so that you can develop an understanding of why you think the way you do and how you can change the way you are currently thinking.


If we look at this picture of the mind you will notice that it is divided into two equal parts, the Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind.  We also have sensory factors (hear, see, taste, touch and smell) which send thoughts into our Conscious Mind constantly all day long.  Some of these might be negative thoughts and it is these negative thoughts that produce our emotional state and our actions.

Let me give you an example:  You are out and you over hear a negative comment about your weight.  You think about this negative thought and your body is emotionally accepting this negative comment.  What happens next, you start to believe it and you feel terrible about yourself and the way you look – this has set off a chain reaction.  You eat to ease the pain, then you feel terrible about what you have eaten and your body image.

It does not matter what the negative comment is, or a negative reaction to a situation, it is the way your mind handles this that we need to learn to control.

How would you feel if you could repel any negative thoughts that are causing you to use food to mask your emotional state? How would you feel if you were that confident person that did not allow any negative thoughts to get in your way?

We can do this by changing the way you are thinking, looking at your self-image and looking at the paradigms that are negative thoughts and habits.

If we go back to the picture of the mind – the Conscious Mind is the intellectual mind, it is where we have stored all of the information over the years.  This part of our mind can accept or reject anything that we think about.  If you hear a story on the news, your Conscious Mind has the ability to accept this story or not.  However our Sub-Conscious mind works totally opposite to that.  Our Sub-Conscious Mind is our emotional mind. It cannot reject anything. Whatever you place in your Sub-Conscious Mind will think it is real.

This is where it is very interesting.  Up till now you have been allowing negative emotions such as stress, anger, fear, sadness and loneliness to take over your Sub-Conscious Mind and your emotions.  When in this emotional state, immediately the habit of using food to mask this emotions produces this same result.  Food is not going to take away this emotionally pain no matter how many times you go through this.   What you need to do is stop the negative emotion at its source – the source being the Conscious Mind through those sensory factors.   Remember you are in control of your thoughts, no-one else can control what you think.  You start by repelling any negative thoughts going in through your Conscious Mind and flowing into your Sub-Conscious Mind because whatever is placed in your Sub-Conscious Mind will accept.

You must develop a new way of speaking to yourself and others. Otherwise you will sabotage yourself with negative self-image dialogue e.g. stop using the word “dieting” and “losing weight”.  You do not want to diet, what you want is to be at a healthy weight so we need to focus on that.


Write down a list of negative thoughts that trigger your emotional state that causes the emotional eating – you might have one or two or you might have 10 it does not matter.  What matters is that you are recognising those triggers.






Now I would like you to write down the opposite (being a positive thought)  of each of those negative thoughts

I would like you to start the sentence with:

I am so happy and grateful now that…………………………

Get rid of the negative ones.

I would like you to write the positive ones only everyday for the next 21 days of this programme.  Why?  Because it is the repetition of writing them out and reading them every day that plants those positive thoughts into the Sub-Conscious Mind so that the Sub-Conscious Mind will accept what you plant in there.

Self-Image – How do you see yourself?

What is your self-image?

We go through life unaware of the image we have of ourselves and it is this self-image that influences every part of our life.  If we have a negative image of ourselves then our results in life will be negative.

We have two images, one that we project to the world, the way we walk, talk dress etc, the other one is the picture we hold inside.

In the centre of our consciousness there is an image of perfection but unfortunately this image is bogged down by our paradigms, doubts about oneself and insecurities so that our perfection rarely shines through.

A confident individual has an understanding of who they are, they understand their personality, spirituality, they understand the power of their mind, they understand themselves and they like themselves and have a good opinion and have a good self-image.  A person who is critical of themselves has a very poor self-image.

The image you see in the mirror is just a physical reflection, it is the outer expression of the inner image and as we alter the inner image the outside begins to change.

Suppose for a moment that the image we have when we look into the mirror is that of a person who is overweight.

Where did this image come from?

This image has been passed down both genetically and environmentally in our sub-conscious mind when we were born. This image developed through listening to your relatives, other people, the news, radio and this image was also planted at conception which is why we look like our relatives, why we have the same habits, ideas, why we like the same food.

It is this image that we have of ourselves that we need to change so that you will never ever need to go on a diet again for whatever the reasons the rest of your life.

You hate what you see in the reflection in the mirror and you have made the decision to go on that diet.

What happens when you go on a diet?

You starve yourself, you cut out all of the foods that you love, you cut out all of the foods you think that makes you fat such as chocolate etc because you think that all of those foods is the cause of your weight gain.

WRONG  it is the image that you hold of yourself that is making you fat.

You can try dieting over and over again and attempt to change the outside appearance but nothing will happen until you change what is going on inside.

These exercises are designed to make you really think about the self- image you have of you.


Remembering we have two images we project –

  1. Sit down in a quiet place and write down a description you have of yourself as if you were looking into a mirror.
  2. Next write down a description of the image you project to the outside world.
  3. Is there any difference between the image you project to the outside world and how you really feel about yourself?
  4. How do you feel about yourself – be honest?
  5. Do you have a positive or negative self- image of yourself?
  6. What is that inner voice saying to you about you?
  7. Write down a description of the qualities you admire in a person that has a very positive self- image of themselves.
  8. What are their self-image qualities you would like to have?
  9. I would like you to embrace those qualities and see them in you.Act as if you are that person and embrace this new positive self-image.  Think of it as your movie and you are the star.  Embrace this new positive self-image into your sub-conscious mind because your sub-conscious mind will accept anything you place in there. Become that person you want to be.
  10. Start to imagine how wonderful you feel and imagine what your new image will be like in 3 weeks, 3 months or 1 year from now. See yourself in the clothes you want to wear, see yourself already at that perfect weight.Picture yourself having more energy and people complimenting you.

Write this description on a card – the weight you want to be, the size clothes you will wear and how you will look and feel. Create affirmations using the words like releasing weight, enjoying healthy foods, perfect weight and lots of energy.

Read your card and affirmations several times a day. See yourself as already at that perfect weight and looking fantastic. Become emotionally involved with this new image of yourself.

Do this for the next 21 days of the programme because we are planting this new image in our sub-conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind accepts anything we plant in there.

Cybernetic Mechanism – Our Body’s Internal Engine

What is a Cybernetic Mechanism?

This mechanism is like a thermostat.  We all have the same thermostat but works differently for each of us.  Think of it like this way, the thermostat in your air conditioning unit is set to a specific temperature.  If you open a window the hot air comes in and the temperature rises.  Immediately the thermostat kicks in and starts the air conditioning and brings the temperature back down to the set temperature.

When a person who is overweight goes on a diet without altering their self-image (thermostat) – any weight loss will be temporary.  The self- image being a cybernetic instrument measures the deviation from the set goal and immediately corrects the course.  The weight that was lost is automatically found.

This is the reason why any form of dieting is not successful.

Paradigms – Do your habits serve you?

What are Paradigms?

Paradigms are a multitude of habits that have been formed since birth.  Our whole life is habitual.  When we first wake up in the morning, we do things without thinking about them.  We follow the same pattern.  We do not think about dressing or cleaning our teeth do we, because we just do them by habit?

This is where the self-image we have of ourselves is born, in the early stages of life through people, radio, television and family. You can understand why these paradigms are such an important part of our life and our results in our life to this moment.

Paradigms and Cybernetic mechanism are both control systems and operate essentially on the same principle. Both maintain a definite course of action and will not deviate from the course that has been established.  In order to achieve the results we want and in this case it is weight release, then we have to change that paradigm that is locked up in our sub-conscious mind.

In the exercise on Self-Image one of the exercises was to write your own movie script.  Why did I want you to do that?  Because as human beings we think in pictures and we need a picture to work with.  The movie was a collection of pictures.

Having an understanding of the mind is so important so that you can understand that the mind governs everything that goes on in our life whether that is weight release, finances, relationships etc.

If we again take a look at the drawing earlier of our mind, remembering the Conscious mind is our thinking mind, our educated mind and it is the location for our intellect.  The conscious mind has the ability to choose, accept or reject anything that flows into it.   Over the years we gather information from our school and higher learning, life experiences and through our sensory factors, hear, see, taste, touch and smell.  Even though we have all of this information and we know how to succeed it does not mean that we are going to do it.

Our Sub-Conscious mind is the emotional mind. This is the part that controls our behaviour and causes us to do what we do, in other words it causes us to behave in a certain way.  Whatever we plant in our sub-conscious mind grows.  The sub-conscious mind must accept everything that is planted in it, it has no ability to choose.  It cannot differentiate between what is real or imagined so any image we build, the sub-conscious mind will accept.

When we are talking about our paradigms or habits these are fixed into our sub-conscious mind and here lies the answer to why we do and behave the way we do.  This is the part of the mind that we need to focus on and change in order to achieve what we want in our life. Our sub-conscious mind operates by Law.  It is the thoughts we think that produces the feelings we get and the actions we take to get the results we want.   If we are holding a bad self-image in our sub-conscious mind, then that is the exact result you will get.

So our sub-conscious mind is controlling our behaviour and our self- image and if we want to change our self-image this is what we need to do:

  1. Fantasize – you now have written down a description of your vision of your new self-image, your movie. Compare that to where you are now in your life.

Ask yourself – What do I need to change in my life to make this happen?

Do I need to alter my appearance, or act differently?

You have to become that person in your movie.  Act as if you already have your new winning image.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to reach your new self-image?

Are you able to do this?  Even if you hit a plateau or stumbling block, are you willing and able to continue pushing away all obstacles?

  1. Repetition

The only way to change a paradigm is by repetition. Reading the same thing, writing the same thing so that the bad paradigm we are trying to get rid of becomes weaker and the new stronger one takes over and finally wins. Think of it like this, you are looking at a landscape you have never seen before.  Your mind does not recognise this landscape because it is new.  In order to show the mind that the landscape is not new you have to look at it a few times so that your mind will recognise that this landscape is not new.  It is the same with the new self-image.  Your mind does not recognise it at this stage but with repetition, planting the picture of the new image over and over again in your mind, it will then recognise this image as the only one and accept it.

You have planted this new winning image in your sub-conscious mind and because it cannot reject, the new paradigm takes over and finally wins.

This new winning self-image rejoices in winning this particular mind game.


Read over your movie script every day.  Start to become emotionally involved with that new image of yourself.  Act as if you have achieved and it is real right now.

When I ask you to answer question one in your exercises, you will have a list of all of the things that you do not like about yourself. This exercise is to get rid of all of the negative things and replace them with positive.  We want to install only the positive into your mind.

I would like you to tackle them one at a time and starting with this phrase:

I am so happy and grateful now that…………………………………………



As we are trying to get rid of the negative and replace it with a positive affirmation, we need to read or write it out everyday because it is this repetition that plants the new one into the sub-conscious mind remembering that what we plant in there, it will accept and will be real.

This is the one I personally used for the paradigm I was having an issue with and that I wanted to get rid of:

I am so happy and grateful now that….

I am releasing the weight to reach …kgs which is my new normal weight.

Affirmations:  If you are a person that loves affirmations then you might find these very useful to write down

“I believe in myself”

“I am Thinner and Thinner with each minute of the day”

“I am in control and have the power to change my life”

“I am in control of what I eat”

“I respect my body”

“I will achieve my goals and nothing will stop me”

“I am living in a happy and healthy body”

“I am releasing the weight”

“I am already at my perfect weight”

“I am looking and behaving in a healthy way”

I personally use this one:  I am so happy and grateful now that….

I am releasing the weight to reach …kgs which is my new normal weight.

Have fun and make up your own keeping in mind that paradigm you wish to change and read it every day for the next 21 days of the programme.


Watch this video at least once per day for the next 21 days.

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